Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cornicopia of Chaos

Jeremy picked the name for this blog in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving season!
I have a multitude of stories today. We could call them "Benism's."
Ben and Jer carved a pumpkin this afternoon. Ben wanted it to have 6 teeth and 3 stars. He ended up with a pumpkin that has 3 teeth and 2 stars (one for each ear). Ben had a great time, until he decided it would be more fun to eat cheese. I think when Jer finished I heard something like, "Hey, Mom, do you see the pumpkin I made?"
Jeremy and Ben went downstairs to stack wood that Jeremy had thrown down. Ben had a great time working with Daddy. At one point he looked at Jer and said, "Daddy, you're the best one I see." We aren't sure what he was comparing that to, but Jer won the contest!
While they were working, Ben was on one side of the pile and Jeremy was on the other side. He was trying to get Ben to come to his side so he could show him what to do. Jeremy bent down to pick up a log and felt a sharp pain on the side of his head from the stick Ben threw him over the pile. Benjamin felt really bad and told Jer over and over that he was sorry (probably because he was afraid of a time out). When they came upstairs, Jeremy kept saying that his head felt funny. Being the medical expert that I am (I'm sure that's proven in previous posts), I decided to shine a flashlight in his eyes to see if his pupils were funny. That's what they do on TV. I figured I might be able to diagnose a concussion. I'm pretty sure he's okay!
Benjamin wanted to aid in the medical care. He took the flashlight, put it about 2 centimeters from Jer's "gash," and with an EXTREMELY concerned look said, "awwwww, I'm really sorry Jer!" He continued to look at the cut for sometime which made both of us nervous because, by the look in Ben's eye, I'm pretty sure he wanted to put the flashlight ON the cut!
Benjamin also proved an uncanny likeness to his mother this evening. We were sitting together watching the end of a football game when he yelled, "Get a homerun!" When that didn't work, I'm pretty sure I heard the words, "Get a homewalk!" but it can't entirely be proven!

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