Monday, October 11, 2010

Chicken Chops

It is a daily occurrence when we pick the kids up from the babysitters that Ben will ask, "What's for dinner, Mom?" I answer him and then he runs to Dor and says, "We're having _______ for dinner."
Today was no different. While I was snuggling Hadley after a long day away and Jeremy was packing up their bag, Ben asked, "Hey, Mom, what's for dinner?" Instead of getting into a discussion about having Chicken Alfredo and Angel Hair Pasta, I simply said, "We're having chicken." Following normal routine, Ben looked at Dor who was standing right next to me and said, "We're having chicken, Dor!"
By the time we were in the car, "We're having chicken" evolved into "We're having chicken chops." Jeremy said, "Not chicken chops, chicken alfredo." This actually sparked an argument as one might suppose. The boys argued all the way home over whether we were eating chicken chops or chicken alfredo. I counted my blessings that it was only a short ride!
When we got home, Jeremy spurned the argument as he often does when it comes to logical matters with Ben. They bantered back and forth for a while.
Jeremy looked at Ben and said, "I'm going to chicken chop you."
Ben looked at him in all seriousness and said, "That would be bery (yes, he said 'bery' that's not a typo) gross!"
That was the end of the argument.

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