Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ox in my ox and other stories

Benjamin and I went to watch the Bloomfield Cardinals play soccer at Badger. As we walked towards the stands, small rocks got stuck in his shoes. He said, "Mom, I got rocks in my shoes. It's like ox to my ox." Ox to my ox is how Ben refers to the book Rocks in my Socks.

As we were leaving the school, we passed the playground. Ben asked if he could play with that. I told him when he went to school he could . I tried to explain that next year he could go to preschool and the year after that he could go to that school. He asked me, "When I go to school, can I drive?" I told him someone else would drive him. He told me he would drive all of his friends to school someday.

The latest bedtime issue .... He needs a space for his "remote" (which is not real) on his bed, and he needs to lay so that he can see his TV (also... not real).

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