Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Comforting heart

I've started to look for things to blog about now. When Ben or Hadley do things, I wonder how to write it down and make a story out of it. I also wonder how to make it entertaining! The pressure is on now, since people tell me they look everyday - even my dad! While it might not always be the side splitting humor that you are used to hearing from the Burnett house, I'm starting to learn the importance of writing what I learn as well as what I don't want to forget.
Tonight, Ben called me back into his room to tuck him in. This is an every day occurrence that happens multiple times. Usually one of us is ready to pull out hair - either ours, Ben's, or each other's. Many times he has to change positions, go potty, fix his sock. You name it, we have to make sure it's correct so that sleep can occur.
I walked in tonight and he was sitting up against his wall. His baby wasn't wrapped up right. So, I fixed baby. I told him to lay down and he said, "My dad said I could sit like this."
So, knowing Jeremy probably gave up the fight to sleep in the horizontal position, I said, "Whatever, Ben, just go to sleep." I covered him up and gave him his bear. (Yes, tonight there's a baby, a bear, and a 3 foot tall Elmo - who probably loves him!) He covered his bear up and said, "My bear is sad." So I kissed both the bear and Ben, said "I love you" and walked out. As I was turning the corner, I heard him say to his bear "What's the matter?"
I know it's a bear, and I know it's probably a ploy to get out of sleeping; but there is something comforting knowing that he'll sleep sitting up for his stuffed bear's pretend problems. He's gonna be a good kid!

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  1. Me, darlene and jordan are reading these and we must say they are the nights entertainment :)