Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nature lesson

So, I went on a women's retreat overnight last night. It's the first time that I have left everyone and gone off by myself since before Hadley was born. Great trip! It was so good to come home
While I was gone, Jeremy took the kids to visit with my in-laws. Trips to "Grandma Papa's" are always filled with golf cart rides. The golf cart has been a great enjoyment for a long time now (It was originally bought by all of the "kids" for Grandpa Burnett). Ben's excitement now lies in going on trips to the "new water" with Grandma and Papa. The "new water" is a pond that has "grown" where beavers have built a dam. Since he's been going on trips there, he's seen all kinds of animals and things. Recently, the beavers have chewed down a tree. I don't know if "chewed down" is the technical term, but we'll go with that.
As Jeremy was tucking him in - I'm not allowed to tuck him in anymore - they called me back in the room, so that Ben could tell me some stories. One involved a guy burning his "neck down" (really he burnt his deck down). Another involved climbing on "the rocks and soil." I have NO idea where Ben ever heard the word soil, but apparently he plays in that now instead of dirt.
Then, he started to tell me about the beavers: " The beavers go, like to the store, and get their lunch and then they bring it home and put it in the frigerator. Theeeen, they go to the tree and get the sticks and eat them."
My father-in-law was trying to explain hibernation to Ben and that the beavers were saving their food. He compared it to when we go to the grocery store and come home and put our food in the fridge for later ... Ben took that to mean the animals actually have refrigerators and keep their food in them. It was a great attempt at an analogy ... however, it was lost on Ben!

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