Sunday, October 17, 2010

a bonus

So Jeremy ALWAYS tucks Ben in. For whatever reason, he's cooler than I am and Ben always wants him to put his covers on. Since Jer is sick, I told Ben that I would tuck him in tonight.
Now, Ben sleeps with a lot of stuffed animals. We had to make a rule that only 2 could go to bed with him because he never had room for all the animals and his little body.
I let him take an extra animal tonight. He had his stuffed cow - about 3 feet long - against the wall. I put his alligator - about 3 feet long - above his pillow, and his monkey next to him. He was sitting in his bed and said, "There's no seat for me."
I laughed out loud and said, "yeah there is. Lay right here."
He looked at me and said, "Could you go get Daddy?"
Epic fail! Jer came to the rescue!

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