Thursday, September 30, 2010

Future Plans

I took Ben with me to watch the Lady Cardinals play the Lady Braves in a volleyball game tonight. He wasn't too impressed with the buzzer, but as the night wore on he started to become a volleyball fan. On the way home he asked me why "those were my kids." I explained to him that I was a teacher and when I go to school in the morning I help those kids learn. He asked what they learned and I told him that I teach them how to read, read stories, and help them to write.
He pondered that for a while. He then began to excitedly tell me that someday I was going to stay home and he was going to "drive the blue car to your school and teach your kids."
"What are you going to teach them? I asked.
He replied, "to read."
When he relayed the plan to his father, he changed his mind enough that I would be allowed to go with him, but he was going to do the teaching.
I love to watch his wheels turning as he calculates, plans, and analyzes. I can't wait to see what he really does with his future. We all know it will be big things!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bed Time

Bed time is always an... exciting time at the Burnett house. You never know what is going to be said or done or promised in an attempt to get both kids to sleep at a decent hour. It usually ends with multiple trips made to Ben's room for covers, prayers, watching out for elephants... you name it. Occasionally prayers bring fun conversations. Since Ben has been struggling with a fear of elephants - thank you Baby Noah - we have to make sure all windows are shut and other such things. One night he wanted to pray for Grammy (my mom). He said, "Is Grammy sick?" I said, "nope, but you can pray for her anyway." He looked at me with extreme concern and asked "Does she have elephants at her window?"
There are times when one or both of us fight against "Mel Gibson rage" (a term coined by my friend Sam). Tonight Jeremy went running to a yelling Ben. Ben said, "She's tackling me, she's tackling me." The she in this quote refers to his baby that sleeps with him.
At the risk of digressing, Ben has a baby doll because at the time we found out that we were pregnant with Hadley, he was in the habit of body slamming all stuffed animals and baby dolls. We thought that if he had a "baby" of his own he would learn to be gentle.
Anyway, his baby was "tackling him."
Jeremy's response: "She's fake. Tell her no."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Train a child

Ben is showing big, big leadership skills! He likes to tell EVERYONE what to do including his sister. Today he got two time outs at the babysitters for not being nice. He told Jeremy that he was mean because "I'm the boss."
Hadley on the other hand, just wants to do EVERYTHING by herself and does not want help from her brother - or anyone else! It's very interesting to see them grow so differently.

Ben quote for the day:
Last night while attempting to get Ben to sleep, he kept telling Jeremy that his legs were stuck. Finally, extremely frustrated, Jeremy said, "Ben, I'm going to remove your legs."
Ben's reply, "No, Jer, people need their legs to walk!"
He has an answer for everything!

Monday, September 27, 2010

In the beginning

This is my attempt to record the funny things that happen in my house. For whatever reason, it is easier for me to log them on the internet than write them in a journal. Ironic, isn't it?
Now the funny things Ben says, or the crazy events that happen only in this house will be available for the world to see.