Friday, October 15, 2010

The Wasp

My father, the wonderful man that he is, inherited a Fisher-Price play house, which he then passed on to us. Jeremy set it up in the basement this afternoon so that Ben can play with it throughout the winter. Ben and Jeremy spent some time in it this evening. I went down to see what was going on -- I do have to admit, my presence was requested, I did not voluntarily venture downstairs because it was too cold and I was writing a paper (mostly because it was cold). Jeremy was sitting on the floor and I stood behind him. I think I had my hands on his shoulders or head or something. Suddenly, a wasp dive bombs us out of nowhere - as fast as it could being that it's cold in the basement and wasps don't operate well in the cold.
I saw it bombing out of the corner of my eye, screamed a little and jumped backward.
I do have to give some background here. I have a fear of wasps. When I was little, a childhood friend told me that when a wasp stings you, it actually takes chunks of your skin off of your body. I think the conversation also involved wasps biting through WWII helmets or something. Either way, it was traumatic and because of it, I don't like wasps.
ANYWAY, back to the basement.
The wasp comes, and I jump back. In my jumping, I inadvertently pushed Jeremy forward, an action I still do not remember. Jeremy jumped, I don't know why, my reaction was totally legitimate, and flicked the wasp off of his shoulder, very possibly getting stung, but the jury is still out on that.
After a dramatic wasp killing, I left because I was cold. Jeremy then proceeded to tell Benjamin that Mommy pushed him into the wasp and it bit him. He then used his cell phone to call me - remember, he was in the basement and I was 8 feet away in the kitchen - and put Ben on the phone. Ben proceeded to yell at me for pushing Daddy in front of the wasp.
Fast forward to bed time.
Jeremy brought it up again, which resulted in me getting yelled at again by my son. Benjamin looked at me seriously and said, "Next time I see a wasp, I'm gonna push you into it and it will bite you."
I started to "cry" because that usually gets sympathy and he changes his mind.
He looked at me, again seriously, and said "Not right now."
At least I'm safe for a while!

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