Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stinky feet

Ben has gas - really bad gas. He's not old enough to control it - not that the "big boys" control it either. Tonight my sister came home for a few hours, so everyone came to our house to hang out for a little bit.
Ben kept "tooting." He tooted on the football that we were all playing catch with, so my dad told him that the ball was stinky now.
As everyone was saying good bye, he plopped down and tooted on my dad's foot.
Dad said, "Ben, you just made my foot stink. Wipe that off."
Ben bent down and pointed to wear the stink "was" and asked if it was right there.
Jeremy said, "Go wipe that off Papa's foot and rub it on Aunt Ra."
Ben bent down again, wiped off my dad's foot, ran over to my sister and rubbed it on her foot.
I love that he thinks that worked!

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