Sunday, October 3, 2010

Learning in the nursery

So, Ben is learning about Noah in the nursery. He's read the story over and over at home, so I was pretty confident he knew what happened.
Today I asked what he learned in the nursery. We talked basic ark knowledge. Then he told me about the dove. Apparently, while Noah was trying to get fish on the ark, a dove told him, "NOAH, fish don't go on the ark."
I asked him to retell the story to Jeremy when he got home. He told Jer, (mind you this is an abbreviated version because I don't remember his exact words) "The dolphin bit Noah, so the fish bit the dolphin. Theeen God came and got the fish not to bite."
Jeremy repeated the story back to and Ben said, "Yeah, God told them not to bite."
Obviously he's learning more in the nursery than any of us know!!!

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