Tuesday, October 19, 2010

working on colors

All of a sudden, Ben is beginning to understand colors. He will correctly identify them, instead of everything being blue or green. While I was giving Hadley a bath tonight, he was standing on the potty and found some of her hair bows.
He said, "Look, Mommy, a blue one and a green one." He was right! I was so excited, I said, "Go show Daddy!"
He did the same thing for Jeremy.
He came back and found one of his bath crayons and asked me what color it was.
"Orange," I said. He ran out of the room.
I heard him say, "Look, Jer, Orange." For those of you who don't know Ben well, he loves to call his daddy, Jer (when he's really angry, it's JEREMY - with a hint of a growl)
Jeremy continued to sing his praises.
When he came back to the bathroom, I had another hair bow for him. I said, "Go tell Daddy this is lavender."
He ran to the kitchen, "Jer, this is lavender."
I'm not positive of Jeremy's response, but Ben came back and said, "You're a dork."
I gave him another bow and said, "Go tell Daddy this is fuchsia."
He ran to the kitchen, "Daddy, this is fucha."
I followed him this time, just to see what Jeremy's reaction was.
Jeremy said, "I don't even know if that's right." Meaning, he was unsure what the color fuchsia was.
Ben came running to me. "You're not right!" he yelled!

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