Saturday, October 30, 2010

Potty Picaso

Benjamin has often been referred to as the "Master of Distraction." When bed time comes his ability to distract kicks in to FULL gear and he pulls out all of the stops. Usually it's a strategically timed bathroom break and he knows that it takes longer to poop than it does to pee, so that is usually the desired "break" that he needs. Jeremy will occasionally call his bluff and Ben will go to sleep. I often chicken out at the risk of having a midnight mess to clean up.
Tonight was no different. We were getting ready to pray and he announced that he had to go potty. Jeremy had him sit and pray first - probably because he was sitting on my lap, not Jer's. We prayed, and Ben headed out to go potty. A few seconds later he yelled for help because he couldn't get his jams off - yes, he has to be completely naked from the waist down to do any pottying and feety pajamas make that difficult! So, I helped him get his pajamas off and went to clean some dishes while I waited for him to poop.
I went back to check on him and his entire left leg was green - from hip to toe. He'd reached into the bathtub, grabbed one of his few remaining bathtub crayons and colored himself! Not only that, he didn't even poop! He'd only peed!
The bathtub crayons are a story themselves. When we were redoing the bathroom in our bedroom, Jeremy and I had to use Ben's bathroom to take showers. We used to write nice "Good Morning, I love you " notes on the bathroom walls. Ben liked the tradition and has continued it LONG after we have moved back to our own bathroom. He has recently taken to coloring the potty while he's pooping.
Back to the green crayon. I washed off his leg, told him that there would be no more potty coloring and handed him to Jer to dress. I grabbed a rag and while I was wiping the green (and orange from a previous poop session) crayon off of the seat, something caught my eye. There were green crayon markings IN the toilet - like in the water, in the bowl - IN the toilet. So not only had he decorated his leg, he'd also been coloring in the pee water!
So, not only has the tradition of potty coloring ended, but so did the life of Ben's green crayon!

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