Sunday, October 17, 2010

Daddy's sick

Jeremy isn't feeling well today. He took a nap this afternoon, and I let him sleep even after both kids woke up. Benjamin really wanted him to come play. I told him no for a while, but then let him got wake him up. Jeremy needed a little more sleep, so we let him go. Ben asked and asked and asked for his dad, so finally, I let him get him again.
Suffice it to say, Jeremy did NOT want to get up.
I intervened and brought Ben back out to the living room. Jeremy came out and Ben hugged him and hugged him.
"Are you okay, Daddy?" he would say.
Jeremy would just fold him in his arms and soak in his hugs. He brought him his blankets from his bed and curled in his lap. It was one of the sweetest moments they've ever had.

Bonus story:
Ben had the hiccups. After he'd hiccuped a number of times, he looked up and said, "Bazinga!" That's for all of my BBT fans!

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