Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mommy's protector

There are times when Jeremy and I pretend to "fight" because it's funny to see Ben's reaction to what's happening. Usually, one of us gets "in trouble" because of something and he yells at us.
Last night before bed, we were picking on each other and if one of us "cried," the other one got yelled at.
We also argue over who Ben's boy is. Usually, if I ask he's "Daddy's my boy." A lot of times, he's "Daddy's my boy" and "Mommy's my sunshine."
We aren't his boy or sunshine, he just answers us the way we ask.
Tonight, I was hiding under his covers when he came in to bed. He thought it was funny. Just before we started to pray, he jumped up and said he needed to potty and ran away. I got back under the blanket. Jeremy started picking on me. When Ben came in, I was laying on the floor, "crying" because "Daddy hurt me."
He hugged me, jumped up and punched Jeremy as hard as I have ever seen him hit anyone.
He ran back, got right in my face (slobber and all) and said, "It's okay, I punched on him."
Then, he looked at Jer and said, "Don't hurt my Mom!"
I said, "Are you my protector? Will you keep me safe?"
He looked and smiled and said, "Yup!"
I don't care what Daddy says, that's my boy right there!

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