Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When she wants to

I feel bad because I never blog about Hadley, but she's so quiet and independent. I really can't wait until she talks and starts telling stories like Ben. I know we'll never get her to be quiet then.
It amazes me how different my kids are. Ben was running before he was one; Hadley is 13 months and walks only when SHE wants to. Ben started babbling before he was one- I remember telling everyone "Thank you" at his birthday party; Hadley says "Stella" and a few other words when SHE wants too. Benjamin is at my side all of the time, playing, reading, wrestling; Hadley plays by herself most of the time. She'll join us when SHE wants to-noticing a pattern!
She wrestles with me sometimes. She likes to "knock me down." She's kind of a "picker" like that. If Jeremy's laying on the ground, she'll crawl over to him with her little butt shaking attitude crawl and climb up on him... BUT (say it with me) only when SHE wants to.
But, then there are the moments in the morning, when I have to wake her up, get her out of bed, put on her coat and load her into the car seat. Those are the moments when my heart breaks, because in those wee morning hours, she holds her blankie, nuzzles in my chest, and occasionally (when SHE wants to) wraps her arms around my neck. Those are the only time she snuggles me. Those moments are what get me through the day!

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