Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We have been sitting and praying with Ben before bed for about a year now. We've always prayed for him, but we've been working on allowing him to pray for things. He prays for random things some times, but we try to listen to what he's thinking and what he's worried about as he prays. Lately he's prayed a lot for his friends. It is the greatest thing knowing that he's developing friendships and learning how to socialize!
Today, we sat in his room for a while and sang songs with him, so I got the idea to sing his prayers. I just started singing random lines and he'd sing somethings with me. When I was finished, I said "Aaaaaaamen" (with a great melodic tone, I might add).
He looked at me, bowed his head, and really said a prayer! It was so cute. He prayed for his friends Kai, Oulice (Alice), RaeLynn, Kai again, Oulice again. Then he prayed that he would sleep all night (Jeremy and I amen'ed that part of the prayer!).
I'm glad that he takes talking to God seriously - not that my song wasn't serious. He prays for us occasionally if we are sick and then declares us well again. It's so exciting to see him grow in his simple, child-like relationship with God!

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