Wednesday, November 24, 2010

War of 1:00

There was a HUGE battle this afternoon for a nap. Benjamin was NOT having it. We did everything, but most things ended in screaming and NOTHING resulted in sleep.
At one point I took him into my bed and laid down next to him, hoping that he would give in. Instead, he laid with his eyes open staring at the wall, window, ceiling, etc.
I said, "Benjamin, close your eyes."
He moved his eyeballs so that he was looking down and said, "They are closed."
Me: "No, you're just looking down."
Ben: "No, I'm not. I closed my eyes."
Me: "This is how you close your eyes." (I manually shut his eyes for him.)
Ben: "No it's not."
Me (again): "This is how you close your eyes" (I shut my eyes.)
Ben (squinting): "Like this?"
Me (giving up): "Yes. GO to sleep!"

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