Wednesday, November 17, 2010

out of the habit

I've been trying to discipline myself to stay off facebook and my computer. Because of that I've been trying to not bring my computer into my bedroom when I'm going to bed, so if I don't blog before that I forget. I've gotten out of the habit of writing things down.
So many things have happened. Ben had his birthday. We bought Ben fish. Ben's fish are slowly dying off! Really exciting stuff!
So, life has been exciting in the Burnett house. As things get crazy I'll do my best to keep up with the funny stories. Here are a few.
My mom and I made plans for her to come over for dinner tomorrow. She's home alone on Thursday nights and Jeremy has conferences tomorrow until late. However, she forgot that she'd already made plans to go somewhere later that evening. She came running up to me at church with an almost panicked look that freaked me out. She grabbed my hand, opened it up, and hit herself in the head with it. Then she told me she'd double booked herself.
I told her it wasn't a big deal and that she freaked me out more than anything because I thought something was wrong.
I told Jeremy that story in the car on the way home. Ben heard and asked question, but I just told him Grammy was silly.
While we were saying prayers, he said, "Is Grammy's head okay?"
Me: "Yeah, Grammy's head is fine."
Ben: "Did you just like shake it or something?" (now Jeremy and I realize what he's talking about!)
Me: "No, she came to me and went like this" (I put my hand in his hand and hit him in the head.)
Ben: "Why she do that?"
Me: "Grammy's crazy!"

A Ben story as told to me by Jeremy (What Jeremy said was actually funnier than what happened)
Jeremy came out of the bathroom and told me this:
So, Ben was reading my book while he was sitting on the pot yesterday. (When Ben has to poop he likes to have reading material. Usually he "reads" whatever Jer reads while Jer poops!) Then he used my bookmark to wipe his butt!
I gave him a funny look. Jeremy continued:
Yes, my bookmark was a piece of toilet paper, but that's besides the point!

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