Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Bedtime

Jeremy brought Ben home a book that he thought would be good to read before bed. Our usual bed time routine involves reading a book and then reading something from the Bible.
Jeremy got a book from another teacher about a little boy named Ben who is getting ready for bed. Ben didn't want to go to bed alone, but he didn't want any of the toys his mom offered him. This book was extremely true to our daily routine.
Jeremy didn't actually read the entire book, he just saw that it was about Ben and brought it home.
We sat down to read it together tonight. Benjamin was captivated as Jeremy read about Ben in the book not wanting his dog, or his bunny, or anything. What Ben really wants to sleep with is ...
a scary looking stuffed monster complete with a pointed spikey tail and crazy teeth. Ben's reasoning for this is that it will scare all of the monsters and ghosts away and keep him safe.
Benjamin asked a number of questions about the monsters picture: "Why's his tail like that?" "Why are his teeth like that?" "What's he doing?"
We played it off as just a crazy teady bear and he fell asleep without asking any other questions. Although, I have laid all blame on Jeremy for bringing home the scary book that says Monsters will keep you safe (after we've had lots of conversations about Jesus keeping you safe) and he will be fielding any questions that come from it!

Bonus Benism:
Ben and Jeremy were looking at the stars after church tonight.
Jer: Ben do you know who made those stars?
Ben: Yeah.
Jer: Who made them?
Ben: God made the stars.
Jer: Did you know God knows all of their names?
Ben: Yeah.
Jer: You do? What are their names?
Ben: They're stars.

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