Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just like mom

There aren't many times when Benjamin and I say things that are very similar. He's so much like his dad! However, he changed that today.
I don't know about anyone else, but anytime my brother and I competed as kids I always ended up quitting. I figured I couldn't lose if I wasn't playing.
That strategy still works for me today. When Jeremy starts winning (or starts off winning), I quit so he can't win. He counts it as a win, but I reply "oooooh you beat me and I wasn't even playing." I always take the mature route! Ben has taken a similar route - all though a little more mature.
Every night, Ben and Jeremy race to the sink for Ben to brush his teeth. They start in any number of places and Ben says, "Ready, set (he starts to run), go!"
Tonight, he didn't race. He rode on Jeremy's back. When they got to the sink, Jeremy declared victory. Ben replied, "You can win tonight. I wasn't racing."
As I type this, Jeremy and I have continued the argument. While I clarified Ben's quote, Jeremy said, "He's like you. He lets me win because he doesn't want to play."
Me: "I don't let you win. You can't beat someone who isn't playing."
Jer: You know who says that? Losers!"

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