Friday, November 12, 2010

Body parts again

I was changing Hadley's diaper this evening and she'd pooped A LOT. Ben asked where her butt was. I made a general sweeping motion with my hand and said, "Right there."
Ben: Why?
Me: Because God put it there.
Ben: Does God live in her butt?
Me: No, God doesn't live in her butt.
Ben: Does God live in my butt?
Me (attempting a theological conversation with an almost 3 year old (in less than 24 hours :(): Well, God doesn't live in your butt. He lives in your heart after you ask him to be your savior.
Ben: Oh.
How that didn't end with more questions, I don't know. I think God knew I didn't really know what to say yet! He did relay the story to my cousin Alley - and if you've never heard Ben tell a story you are missing out.
Ben: I say 'Is God in my butt?' Mommy say, (in a really funny voice imitating me) 'No, God's not in your butt.
Alley: Where is God?
Ben (with a slight duh in his voice): In your heart!

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