Sunday, February 27, 2011

Benjamin and the Lions' Den

Tonight, Benjamin decided that he wanted us to read the story of Daniel and the Lions' Den. We read it and were talking about how Daniel got in trouble because he was obeying God. We've been working with him a lot on obeying Mommy and Daddy because God says we need to. I took this as a great opportunity to teach about the benefits of being obedient.
Ben sat and listened and then looked at me and said, "Does God come with his shoot-gun to shoot the lions and keep us safe?"
I said, "No, God made the lions so he can tell them what to do. He just told them not to eat Daniel."
Ben said, "Oh, Jer, do you have a shoot gun to shoot the lions and keep us safe?"

Apparently, he didn't pick up on my hints!

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