Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All star in the making

Today was a rough day with Ben. He's such a sweet heart 90 percent of the time... really even more than that. However, those times when he's not in a "sweet" mood are ROUGH.
The beginning of our time together, however, helped me get through the evening that we had. As soon as we got in the car to come home, he started excitedly, "Mom, when we get home, when you are done making dinner and you put it in the cooker, will you play baseball with me?"
I told him that I was making chicken tacos (which was really exciting to him) and that as soon as I cut up the chicken we would play.
As soon as we got home he RAN through the house looking for baseballs and baseball gloves. As soon as I could get away from the chicken, I was on my knees with a toddler baseball glove on my hand dodging baseballs being chucked at my face! Every ball I caught was met with a squeal and "Mom, good job!" If he didn't catch it, he'd say in his big man voice, "Moooom, you missed my glove!"
It was only about 5 minutes before I had to deal with the chicken and he ran off to protect his sister from something. But in those minutes, I saw a little boy turning into a boy - a ball player! He was so encouraging, but he also took the lead. He "instructed me" on how to throw and catch. He's my little leader, my all-star. He's his father's son, a future coach. He's my baby always!

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