Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hadley's developing personality

I know that I have talked before about Hadley picking on people. The older she gets the "worse" it gets. She likes to get a reaction and once she knows she's going to get one, she repeats whatever it is. She's also developing a great sense of comedic timing.
Today she woke up from her nap and Jeremy and I were sitting together watching TV. I carried her over and sat back down and she snuggled up in my lap. We talked a little bit and she realized Jer was there. She leaned in toward him, gave him a sweet smile, and smacked him right in the forehead. It was such a clean hit it sounded like she was clapping. Neither one of us knew what to do, but because we laughed she kept smacking.
After she brushed her teeth tonight, I told her to go tell Daddy she had pretty hair (I'd pulled her hair up in a pony). She walked over, smiled at him, and - you guessed it - smacked him in the forehead! This time she followed up with a big hug!

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