Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I do it!

So Hadley has turned two. She is big stuff now! I can't do ANYTHING for her without her throwing a fit because she wants to do it herself. I'm all for independence and I love when Ben puts his clothes on and wipes his own butt; however, Hadley hasn't mastered the coordination of dressing herself yet and it would take us until Christmas to get her shoes on.
For two days in a row, I've had to fight to get her shoes on at the end of the day which has led to us leaving the babysitters in tears. She won't let me help her with the right foot/left foot thing and she can't reach around her knees to get her foot all of the way in the shoe. Yesterday she was content with just velcroing ... not so much anymore.
This evening she decided she was going to change her clothes and put her jams on by herself. She took her shoes and socks off. This is a feat that Ben still struggles with (is that a boy/girl thing???). I helped her with her pants and shirt. Then she took of her diaper.
She sat down on the floor and said, "I put jams on." Sweet, but she doesn't have a diaper on. So, I suggested we remedy the situation. Her reply, "I put jams on first." Mind you, Hadley wears feety pajamas.
She had a hold of one leg and was getting her foot in, but some how got backwards and sent her foot toward the arm hole. The fact that she made any progress at all mad her ecstatic! She looked at me and said, "I do it, Mom!" This progress was enough for me to convince her that I could show her how to finish getting dressed and we did end up with pajamas and a diaper on (in the proper order)!

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