Sunday, December 4, 2011

a profound sentiment

Today while we were praying for dinner, Ben stabbed Jeremy in the temple with his fork. After a brief, stern discussion we continued praying. When I had finished praying (Jeremy wasn't really in the right attitude), Jeremy asked Ben why he was in trouble. Ben said, "Cause I poked you with my fork." Jeremy tried to explain that he could have gone blind, hurt his brain, etc.
Ben said, "Well, I was trying to hit your forehead." I may have smirked at this moment causing Ben to laugh. Jeremy administered some discipline and the laughing stopped. Ben looked at his dad and said, "You're not my friend anymore."
We started eating and things calmed down... It's amazing how some noodles and chicken can make life so much better.
After dinner Ben told Jeremy: "Dad, You're not my friend anymore because after I stabbed your head you weren't nice to me. I still love you, but your not my friend."
I'm pretty impressed with his ability to reason this out. I laughed because it was Jeremy in trouble and not me, but I can respect his logic!

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