Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The anatomy of cows

A few weeks ago, Ben spent some time with my sister Cara and her friend Andrew. At some point through the course of this time, Ben inquired about the udders under a toy cow. Andrew explained that they are where milk comes from.
Tonight we went on a walk/run down our road. As we passed the cows, Ben said, "Dad, I need you to let me go in that fence so I can squeeze the things under their bellies and get milk."
Jeremy said, "No, first of all they aren't our cows and second of all, they don't have those yet."
(The cows are young heifers who haven't had babies.)
As I am writing this blog, I asked Jeremy for clarification about what Ben said to ensure accuracy. He asked Ben what he wanted to do. Ben hopped off of his lap, found his farm animal puzzle and pointed to the udders and said, "These things, Dad. Can you see them? I need to do that some day."
Apparently, we have a farmer in the making!

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