Thursday, September 30, 2010

Future Plans

I took Ben with me to watch the Lady Cardinals play the Lady Braves in a volleyball game tonight. He wasn't too impressed with the buzzer, but as the night wore on he started to become a volleyball fan. On the way home he asked me why "those were my kids." I explained to him that I was a teacher and when I go to school in the morning I help those kids learn. He asked what they learned and I told him that I teach them how to read, read stories, and help them to write.
He pondered that for a while. He then began to excitedly tell me that someday I was going to stay home and he was going to "drive the blue car to your school and teach your kids."
"What are you going to teach them? I asked.
He replied, "to read."
When he relayed the plan to his father, he changed his mind enough that I would be allowed to go with him, but he was going to do the teaching.
I love to watch his wheels turning as he calculates, plans, and analyzes. I can't wait to see what he really does with his future. We all know it will be big things!

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