Thursday, July 7, 2011

water, milk, and soil

The other day I made myself bran muffins. They are one of my favorite breakfasts, so I don't share them with my kids (not to mention, my kids don't need the bran, if you know what I mean!). I told Ben that when we went to the store we could get the stuff to make his own muffins.
At Walmart today he picked out Triple Berry Muffins. These are then pour the mix in the bowl and just add water. That's why I bought them.
He would not put them down. They never made it into the cart. He personally handed them to the cashier who had to hand them right back, and then he carried them in the car.
*On a side note, I told him we were going to stop for ice cream on the way home. He said, "I don't want ice cream. I want a muffin." That changed when we pulled in to the Dairy Queen and he decided he could have ice cream and then a muffin at home! Boy after my own heart!
As we were driving home he said: "Mom, this says we need to put in a cup of water and milk and soil."
Jeremy and I discussed whether he meant soil or oil. We aren't totally sure, but it was cute either way. Knowing that I bought those muffins just because it only needed water, I was worried he'd be disappointed. He wasn't though! He loved them so much! I can't wait to watch him eat them for breakfast tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a "cheerful" giver

Tonight Ben's devotion was about giving. It asked questions like, "Do you give away toys that you don't play with or clothes you don't wear?" He doesn't really get the concept, but explained that when he grows out of clothes we give them to other people, mainly his friend Kai.
Ben said, "But, I need cool things. If we give all my clothes away, I won't have anything cool things to wear!"
Apparently, I'm raising a more materialistic child than I thought! Ooops!
We did explain that we don't give away his clothes until he has new clothes that fit him and we only give away the clothes that don't fit. However, he was slightly disgruntled! We'll put that on the list of things to work on this summer.